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Pickpawcket Tips: Doggenheim 14

This level is designed to teach you about lasers. The laser heads from top to bottom of the white wall then disappears for a few seconds

For now, do like the tutorial says and avoid it. Instead you should challenge the dog.

If you head to the white wall right away, the dog will eventually pass you. Once he has it’s safe to get the gem on the right. There will be 5 or 6 seconds before he turns around again. Read more

Game Tips

Pickpawcket Tips: Doggenheim 10

Doggenheim 10 is a toughy! What really makes it hard is the 2 criss-crossing bulldogs. As soon as the level loads you’ll want to use the TV to distract the bulldog on the lower right. Go ahead, start tapping that spot now!!

This should let you swerve around the 2 schnauzers after they turn. Pause just a second, then race up and left to get around them, then straight for the disguise. By the way, your first play through you should probably ignore the gem on the bottom right otherwise you’ll have to be really quick to snag that and get the disguise before the bulldog is free from his television addiction. Read more

Game Tips

Pickpawcket Tips: Doggenheim 6

Doggenheim 6

Doggenheim 6 at its base is a level that tests the player’s patience. It has 2 optional gems that can be tricky to get, so if you’re playing just to get through, you can ignore the 1st and 3rd gem you see.

The first thing you should do is get to the right wall. You’ll need to move sort of quick, otherwise the dog approaching on the left will catch you. Move up to the third row. Read more